#fstoco 2016

The conference for web professionals!

Oct 17-18th, 2016

Sheraton Centre | Toronto, Canada

What's Included

  • Two days filled with sessions and assisted networking
  • Mobile app for planning your schedule, meeting: exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees!
  • Free access to video recordings of all sessions!
  • Cocktail Reception with a free drink and appetizers!
  • Lunch on both days with lots of coffee, tea and water!
  • Preffered rate at host hotel, travel discounts
  • Dedicated zone for nursing, wellness and spiritual activities
  • Non-binary washrooms and wheelchair accessible
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Pricing includes all taxes and services fees. Tickets do not need to be assigned to an attendee right away. You may assign your tickets to your company name to create a flex pass.

About #fstoco

#fstoco is put on by Full Stack Toronto, a non-profit organisation geared towards providing web professionals with intermediate and advanced educational resources. #fstoco is a unique conference because it covers all the layers of the web: Front-end, Back-end, DevOps, UX and visual designs, project management, and product development. Questions? [email protected] will respond as soon as possible. We do not provide visas for attendees.

Watch 2014 Videos

Watch the videos from 2015 to get a taste of the conference before you buy!

Who Should Attend

If you work in the web industry #fstoco is for you! Every year, we bring together the world's brightest minds in the business to present on relevant topics with real-life applications. You will go back to work not only knowing how to do the latest and greatest, but most importantly the why.

Why You Should Attend

We believe that to become a better professional, you need to understand what the other members of your team are doing. We've planned our content schedule so that you can participate in your concentration/discipline or learn from others to further your career growth.

Who's Attending

Content is king. We strongly believe in NOT selling you our event based on any given speakers or their affiliations (i.e. Google, Microsoft, etc. - but to be frank, these people do actually tend to speak at our events). We are devoted to providing you unbiased, good content first. Check out the schedule we have planned for you

“After #fstoco, I want to a) learn all the things (dev), and b) buy all the things (IoT). May have to c) control impulses a little” - @andkerel

How we're different

All of our sessions at #fstoco follow a hybrid session model where the speakers will deliver the best in practical web solutions with real-life examples free of commercial content (no sponsored content or sales pitches here). This is the kind of learning that you can put into action the moment you return to work.

All sessions are followed by open Q&As with the speaker to help improve your practice of their idea. The speakers are also web professionals just like you! Like you, they personally deal with these problems and solutions daily so don't be shy. Ask away!

Our keynotes are here to inspire, challenge and provide you with more than hard-skills to take back to the office. These, along with lots of coffee will get your day kickstarted!

Furthermore, going to any conference is more than just sitting and listening to awesome talks, it's also about fostering valuable relationships to move your career forward and help you out when needed. We know "networking" can be difficult and we are here to help, we know that when you're passionate about something you can talk about it endlessly so we're going to show it off on your badge to help you start conversations. There is plenty of break time and we absolutely encourage you to get to know each other between all the awesome sessions.

What's Included

Building on the same great perks of last year this year's new addition is "passion talks", unorganized by us coordinated by you! There will be a special place for you to show and talk about your passion at this years conference, we will also show it off on your badge to help with networking during the breaks!

All sessions will be recorded, slides collected and posted online after the event for you to reference in the future.

We have a convenient mobile app to help you plan your conference schedule and experience.

Last but not least, who doesn't like a good party!? At the end of the first day we will all gather for some light refreshments & cocktails, and of course talk about what we have learned and how we are going to implement it back at work.

Oh! and heaps of #SWAG, don't forget about that!

“Got a bunch of great ideas and met some great people at #fstoco this weekend” - @dougalg

Sponsor us

Sponsor Us

While speakers are largely unpaid in most other events, we are committed to rewarding ours while still ensuring the best quality experience for our attendees including expanding on their feedback such as providing a better way to interact with you the sponsor!
This comes at a huge, costly effort for our organisation.

If your company is interested in helping by sponsoring the event please contact us at [email protected]. Sponsor contribution options can be found in the sponsorship site

Want to support us yourself? Terrific! An event like this takes a lot of human power. If you want to help out at the event and attend the presentations? Signup to be a volunteer!


If your company is interested in helping by sponsoring the event please contact us at [email protected] Sponsor contribution options can be found in the sponsorship site

Speaker Sponsors

We would like to thank the following companies for paying the way for their employees to come speak at our events

Community Partners

We would like to thank the following comunity groups and companies for helping spread the word about our events